Homeschool Kids Love Live Spanish

Participating in a LIVE online class helps homeschoolers to really engage with learning a second language.  Here's a testimonial from one of the parents from this year's Spanish 1.  She talks about multiple learning styles, how her children are engaging, and what she and her children think about the class:


"My Family's Experience with the Pioneer Online Academy's Spanish Class" – by Lynn D.

Recently, I signed up three of my children to take an online Spanish class through Pioneer Online Academy (POA).  I chose POA for three reasons:

  1. I reviewed the material through the course curriculum.  I saw that through the semester, she offered many forms of learning material that would help any of the different learning styles of my children.  One learns better through videos and live interaction, while another learns better by reading, and still another learns better by doing.
  2. I saw this had homework, so that I knew the kids would have something to carry them through to the next class.
  3. The instructor's expectations, while high, were within the kids' grasp.

 A few weeks prior to the actual start date of the class, each of the kids received videos to watch and material to go over so that they would be more relaxed when they checked in to the actual class.  It was good for me to also go over some of the material with them.  The instructor has a section for parents to go over so that they would be able to also work with the kids when they had questions.

The first day of class arrived, and the kids were set up around the computer,  with printed worksheets in hand.  We only have one computer, so we listened to the teacher through the speakers and answered through the headset.  They perked up when they saw they could chat with other kids that were attending and they liked the ideas of watching videos to learn more during class.  They saw this wasn't going to be a boring, dull class.

I have been home schooling since 1990.  We have tried a number of different types of programs to educate our children.  This is one of those times when I have seen my children respond positively when they know they have homework.  The time that warmed my heart the most was when I saw them sitting around the computer helping each other conjugate verbs.

Over the last few weeks, I have seen my children respond to this class with great enthusiasm.  When I asked them recently what they thought of the class, words such as “cool,” “fun,” and “easy to understand” were given.  They like the fact that their instructor goes into detail when explaining what she expects with the homework.  They really enjoy playing Hangman and other games at the end of each class.

A great example to me as a parent that they were learning something was when I recently asked my daughter a question.  When she answered, it was in Spanish."


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