So, What Is Pioneer Online Academy?
Dedicated to delivering academic excellence, Pioneer Online Academy is a private, online academy offering affordable preparatory courses for homeschoolers without common core, forced testing, or data mining. Our emphasis is on preparatory learning (being prepared and striving for higher learning).  Manage courses your way with our flexible, individually paced, and mobile friendly system.  We provide a viable option for busy homeschool as everything is done for you – including lesson plans, enrichment activities, assignments and assessments. Outstanding and personal college preparation is available, as well as transcript assistance and record keeping. All at a very comparable price to other private online schools.  Also, because we do not receive federal tax dollars or subsidies, we are not required to subject your child to dumbed down standards, the Common Core, rigid testing, or data mining, that all schools must do in order to keep their accreditation.  One might say we are pioneering a new path for online learning!

Mission Statement:
Pioneer Online Academy’s mission is to provide homeschooled students a challenging academic environment that encourages the use of independent, critical and creative thought through collaborative online courses that prepare students to be life-long learners.

Our vision is a partnership with the student and the parents by setting and maintaining high academic expectations so the child can be a successful learner and prepared for continued learning throughout their lifetime. We give them the tools to succeed, teach them how to use them, and then let the students shine.


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