About Us


Pioneer Online Business Academy (POBA) is a professional online learning platform for learners who intend to continue their studies and education.
With us, you can study online MBA or top-up program anywhere and anytime.
POBA offers advanced learning platform with learning supports to those learners who need convenient access with flexible learning paces.  

 POBA offers a series of online university programs, particularly in business management, marketing and human resources management. 
More and more higher education and professional courses will be developed and offered to cater the needs of our society as our pledge.   


In order to better cater for thr needs of students, we also provide overseas study consulting services, including the Unit States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zwaland, Singpaore and other countries and assist students to apply for student visa. 


Pioneer Online Business Academy has for its object the formation of character

  • Education 
  • Professional
  • International
  • Concentrate


  • To provide customized solutions to the students aspiring to distance learning & overseas study. 
  • To match the student’s abilities, performance, and desires with the best possible career options.
  • Strive for the organic growth of our organization through integrity, honesty, and excellence.
  • To build a strong and credible relationship with the partner institutions by recognizing shared values & goals.

Guide you on the road to success