Corporate Training

Looking to develop that staff or the whole team? We are here. Our web-based service ensures no disruptions to your business goals and daily tasks. All modules are designed for your staff to learn in their own time, simply with a laptop or a smartphone.

Apart from the rich course content, we provide an around-the-clock student networking platform, group webinars, pre-recorded groups webcasts, personal dashboards and one-to-one online tutorials. Additional resources on personal well-being and personal development are also provided. More questions on a certain topic? Get answers at any time.

Pioneer Online Business Academy offers full undergraduate and postgraduate online programmes with diploma awarded. Your team can promptly obtain a UK university qualification on campus or by remote learning.

Pioneer Online Business Academy offers personalised training to suit your business’s needs.

Unlock the potentials of your employees

Fully-accredited courses

Flexibe – study anytime, anywhere

                   Affordable at a low cost

No need to leave the office’s seat, raising productivity

Pushing your business to new heights